motostik mods

tip replacement

a worn motostik tip.
the tools needed for replacing a tip.
use screwdrivers to pry the old tip out.
press the new tip firmly into place.
a new motostik tip.

after extended use of your motostik the rubber tip on the bottom of the motostik may begin to wear out. for your safety it is imperative to replace the tip before it wears completely out.

the tip serves several purposes. it�s most important function is to grip to the jumping surface to keep the stick from slipping out from under you. if the tip wears down to the metal the motostik can easily shoot out of control injuring the jumper and possibly any nearby spectators.

the tip also adds cushioning giving you a softer and quieter bounce.

when your tip starts to swear out, you can quickly and easily replace it at home with just a few simple tools. we suggest various sized flat head screwdrivers, and a spray lubricant like wd-40.

depending on the size of your work space you may choose to remove the tip assembly from the bottom of the shaft. this can usually be done by hand. having the tip assembly removed makes it more convenient to work with but reduces the amount of leverage you�ll have why prying the rubber tip out of the assembly.

to get started on removing the tip force a smaller screwdriver as deep beneath the tip as possible and pry it upwards. spray lubricant in the space you�ve created between the rubber and metal. this will help make the rest of the process easier.

use the screwdrivers to pry the tip into a position where you can slide the head of the screwdriver between the stopper and metal. once in this position insert a second screwdriver into the space between the stopper and metal. work the screwdrivers away from each other so you�ll have two pressure points to pry the tip out.

with the screwdrivers in position it doesn�t take much effort to pop the tip out.

once the old tip is out, clean the inside of the metal ring before putting the new tip in.

when inserting the new tip you may want to add more lubricant to help the tip slide into place. make sure the tip is firmly secured before jumping on the stick.

additional tips can be purchased by contacting motostik at 1-877-moto-999 or by emailing

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