motostik mods

spring tension adjustment

the adjustment knob located on the top of the stick.
adjustment mechanism set for softest bounce.
adjustment mechanism set for stiffest bounce.

the motostik has a built in spring tension adjustment knob so you can quickly and easily customize the feel of your bounce. it�s important to find the tension setting that is perfect for your weight and jumping style.

the easiest way to find the tension that works best for you is to loosen the spring tension all the way by turning the adjustment knob on the top of your motostik counter-clockwise as far as it will go. jump on your motostik a few times at the loosest tension setting. if the bounce feels too soft and you�re not getting as much height as you would like turn the knob clockwise a few times and try it again. repeat until you�ve found the perfect setting for you. as a general rule the tighter the spring the more height you will get. however if there is too much tension lighter jumpers won�t be able to fully compress the spring and will actually get less height than on a looser setting.

inside of the stick the tension knob is attached to the internal adjustment mechanism. when you turn the knob is causes a cylinder extend compressing adding tension to the spring. the threads on the internal cylindar are very small to it takes several turns of the knob for you to notice much difference. the small threads enable to jumpers fine tune their jumping expirence. the small tight threads also help keep the adjustment mechism from losing tension while jumping so you keep bouncing at your prefered setting with minimum matainance.

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