motostik mods


the handlebars on your motostik are just like the handlebars on your motorcycle. and just like standard motorcycle handlebars, they may be just a little bit wider than you�d like. here are a few tips for trimming you�re handlebars down to just the right size for you.

tools and supplies you will need: spray lubricant, flathead screwdriver, hacksaw, rasp, spray paint

remove the rubber grips from the handlebars before you start. an easy way to get the grip off is inserting a flathead screwdriver between the grip and the bar and spraying wd-40 or a similar lubricant on the inside of the grip. this will help the grip slide easily off the bar.

the next step to decide how much you want to trim off the handlebars. remember that you can always trim more off later but you can�t add any more back on so it�s better to cut conservatively. if you�re using the motostik for mx, fmx, or bmx cross training it would be a good idea to have your handlebars the same width as the handlebars on your bike.

next you need to measure and mark the portion of the handlebars you are going to trim off. it�s extremely important to keep the handlebars symmetrical. also remember to measure twice and cut once.

cut the handlebars carefully along the mark you made on the handlebars with a hacksaw or power saw.

after you�ve trimmed the handlebars use a rasp to file down any sharp or jagged edges to avoid cutting yourself or damaging the rubber grip.

before replacing the grip it helps to spray a small amount of spray paint inside the grips to help them stick to the handlebars securely.

alternately, some jumpers prefer different handlebar entirely. the motostik is built to fit almost any bicycle or motorcycle handlebar on the market.

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