user�s manual


thank you for your purchase and welcome to the elite group of motostik users. this manual will cover important information that you will need as a user of this product to safely operate and maintain your new motostik. it is extremely important that you thoroughly read and completely understand this manual before using your motostik.


read and save these instructions

warning: improper use of this device may lead to personal injury. please follow all safety instructions.


models covered in this manual:

motostik�� mx-1(ss)������������

motostik�� mx-1(s)

����������������������� motostik�� mx-1(l)

table of contents

1.����� introduction

2.����� assembly

3.����� operation

4.����� maintenance & care

5.����� important safeguards

6.����� warranty information




once again, �thank you� for your purchase. we certainly hope and believe that you will find many hours of enjoyment with your new motostik.

before you get started there a few things that you will need to know in regards to the motostik. motostik is a serious piece of equipment and depending on your level of coordination and skill it may take you several hours of practice before you begin to master the art of balance and control. remember, take your time and be patient while going through the initial learning curve.

motostik is a great tool for training and exercise as well as it is a fun recreational device. consistent use of the motostik may increase your reaction time, create better balance and build your upper body and leg strength.

if you have questions in regards to your motostikplease email us at: or call us at (877) 668-6999 (877-moto-999).



first, open the box and remove all contents. check to see that everything is included before proceeding. items that should be in the box are as follows:

              motostik plunger assembly (handlebar clamp& foot pegs should already be installed)

              motostik handlebar assembly (grips & pad should be already installed)

              hex wrench

              owners manual

note: once you have confirmed that all the parts are present you may continue with the assembly.


step 1.) remove the 4 screws (labeled �a� - fig.1) in the clamp for the handlebars using the provided hex wrench.

step 2.) mount the handlebar centered in the clamp with the sweep of the bars bending back towards the user.

step 3.) align the handlebars to your preference and then replace the 4 bolts in the handlebar clamp. tighten the 4 bolts lightly and evenly with the wrench provided and then make sure they are tightened completely to a torque of 65 in./lbs. you will need a good quality torque wrench capable of accurately reading inch/pounds of force to do this.

step 4.) check that the handlebars are in the same alignment as the foot pegs. if they are not then you will need to loosen the 2 screws (labeled �b�- fig. 2) at the back of the handlebar clamp and turn the clamp assembly into alignment. once this has been completed retighten the 2 handlebar clamp screws to a torque of 65 in./lbs.


step 5.) be sure that the footpegs are seated as far down as they will go and on the lip at the bottom of the plunger. tighten the 2 screws (labeled �c� - fig. 3) in the footpegs to a torque of 65 in./lbs.

step 6.) test the motostik by using it carefully for only a few bounces at a time to determine if all feels well.

step 7.) after 20 minutes of use stop and retighten all bolts as described previously in this manual.

from this point on after every 4 hours of operation stop and check the tightness of all bolts as described previously in this manual.

note: sizing/fitment info: in some cases the end user may want to make the handlebars narrower for a better fit. this can be achieved by first removing the grips and then using a good quality pipe cutter or by very carefully sawing off the ends of the bar to the desired length. always be sure to file or remove any sharp edges or burrs before reinstalling the grips.

warning! � always use a very high quality �grip glue� when installing grips onto the handlebar. grip-glue can be found and purchased at most motorcycle dealerships.



once the owner�s manual has been read and completely understood, the motostik has been properly assembled and all screws have been double-checked for tightness, you can ready yourself to use your motostik. always wear full protective safety gear and an approved helmet when using your motostik � never operate a motostik without the use of proper safety gear (see the �important safeguards� section of this manual)!

some tips to get you started:

  • loosen the tension knob completely by turning it counter-clockwise until it stops; this will soften the spring rate.
  • only operate on a smooth, level, and dry surface with plenty of traction.
  • have a person (a �spotter�) available to assist you in your learning curve.
  • do not operate on soft terrain such as dirt or sand.
  • always use both feet and hands when operating this device.
  • use gloves and always wear appropriate footwear like high-top sneakers.
  • if you feel the motostik �bottoming� (the plunger spring compressing to it�s maximum) turn the tension knob clockwise until this feeling goes away.

your new motostik may require a short �break-in� period. when you first use this product it may feel a bit sticky or tight. this is due to the fact that the bearings on the slider system are very precisely fitted and may need a certain amount of time to set in to their proper clearance.

every motostik is assembled with care and has seen very careful and personalized attention from the assemblers. keep this in mind when using this product for the first time.


maintenance & care

your motostik has been designed to be nearly maintenance-free for the life of the product. however, you should always inspect your motostik for damage and/or wear prior to using it. never use your motostik if you find any signs of damage and/or wear.


certain items of your motostik are subject to wear after long periods of use and may need to be replaced from time to time. these items include, but are not limited to:

        the �shoe� (rubber pad at the bottom of the motostik)� see your motostik retailer or visit for replacements.

        the grips � see your motostik retailer or visit for replacements.

        decals � stickers and sticker colors can be changed to personalize your motostik. see your motostik retailer or visit for replacements.



important safeguards

using and mastering a motostik may require much practice. while learning to use this device please take every necessary precaution. head the warnings below and use good judgment when operating a motostik.

warning! � do not operate this device until you have read and completely understand the owner�s manual. if you have any questions regarding the use or operation of this device contact your motostik dealer.

warning! � always wear an approved helmet, footwear, pads and safety equipment while operation this device.

warning! � never operate this device on a surface that is not flat, smooth or dry.

warning! � never operate this device while under the influence of any substance. use only in a sober and clear headed state.

warning! � never remove the crossbar pad! removing this pad may cause injury.

warning! � never attempt to disassemble your motostik. if you feel this device needs servicing take it to an authorized motostik service center.

warranty information

limited warranty

your purchase includes the following limited warranty, which is in lieu of
all other expressed or implied warranties.  this warranty is extended to
the initial consumer purchaser only.  warranty registration is not
required. this warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may have
other rights, which vary from state to state.

motostik and its component parts are warranted to be free from faulty materials and workmanship from the date of the original purchase as

         complete unit - sixty (60) days

         rubber bumper tip - no warranty

conditions of warranty

it is the responsibility of the original consumer/purchaser to ensure all
the parts included in the factory sealed carton are properly installed and
that all functional parts are working properly.

keep the original purchase receipt in a safe place.  the lack of proof of
purchase date may render this warranty null and void.

motostik has been designed for recreational use.  this warranty shall become immediately null and void if you do any of the following:  rent the motostik; sell the motostik; give away the motostik; perform stunts with the motostik; or ride the motostik with more than one person; or exceed the weight limit of the motostik.

the user assumes all risk of personal injuries, damages, or failure of the
motostik and any other losses if the motostik is altered or used in any way inconsistent with it�s originally designed purpose.

warning:  always wear a helmet and safety gear when riding.  use on firm, level surfaces like cement or blacktop.  avoid broken or uneven surfaces. wear appropriate footwear.  do not wear open toe or smooth bottomed shoes. do not use barefoot.

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